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Travel and Tourism Think Tank II – Tourism and Resilience

Travel and Tourism Think Tank II – Tourism and Resilience 

Conference Dates September 15, 2020  12.00 P.M. – 13.30 p.m.

The BCCJ is delighted to announce our second Travel and Tourism Think Tank. This is an interactive event designed to embrace diverse opinions, incubate new perspectives and fresh ideas, and encourage new industry connections with participants looking to make a positive impact on the future of tourism in Japan.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has swept across the globe, not only significantly impacting public health, but also severely affecting one of the linchpins of the global economy – the tourism industry. Japan’s inbound tourism is down 99.9 per cent from a year earlier, recording its lowest figures since 1964. And as the Abe administration considers partially easing entry restrictions, it has also expressed new focus on boosting domestic tourism. But so far the easy solutions attempted with GoTo are not working – so is there a better solution with responsible tourism and resilient communities leading the way?

So what does this mean for local tourism spots, previously not experiencing the wider gains of Japan’s tourism boom? Do recent events present an opportunity to harness a new social and cultural revitalisation strategy bound by local values? What lessons can be learned from remote communities that have demonstrated they contain the DNA of resilience by dint of having survived for centuries multiple forms of disaster and disruption. And how have those on the hospitality front-line not only responded to Covid, but plan to reboot and reshape an industry left wounded.

Join us on September 15th when we will be joined by 8 panellists covering the span of the travel and tourism sector in Japan to answer all these questions and more. The session will be broken down into the following 2 sections, with participants invited to put on their thinking caps and participate in breakout groups.


For many communities dependent on tourism, Covid has been a nightmare. Peak holiday seasons of Golden Week, Obon and this year’s extended Olympic break have suffered dreadfully. Not just those locations which have high numbers of international tourists but also domestic hotspots are in trouble. More worryingly, efforts at recovery such as the Government’s GoTo campaign have met with resistance from cities, towns and villages worried about the impact of visitors from outside the community bubble. It seems you cannot just wish this virus away. So what does this tell us about communities and tourism in the future – is there a model for sustainable, resilient tourism and how does it differ from the dash for growth of international tourists of pre-virus days? And are there in fact some communities who through their adherence to their traditions may actually show us the way to the future?


Low-cost carriers. Busloads of Chinese tourists in Ginza. Kyoto overwhelmed. Or Niseko opening the joys of powder to the Asian and Australasian winter sports community, visitors penetrating the most Inaka of Inaka areas with expert guides showing them Japan`s rural and urban secrets, gastro tourists over-whelmed by the food and beverage on offer. In pre-virus days tourism presented so many business opportunities. But what now? Can we go back to pre-virus business models or are those days gone for ever? And if so, what will come next and how can businesses react?


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