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Designing a Strategy for the Revival of Indian Inbound, Outbound & Domestic Tourism

Designing a Strategy for the Revival of Indian Inbound, Outbound & Domestic Tourism

Conference Dates September 18, 2020 4:00 PM  IST

Over the last 17 years, CAPA has completed close to 200 advisory projects across the value chain, including more than 30 engagements focused on travel and tourism.

Our experience includes tourism market and product development strategies, destination competitiveness benchmarking, impact of air capacity on demand for hotels and resorts, due diligence for investors in travel and tourism businesses, inbound and outbound tourism forecasts, and consumer research on travel behaviour.

As the leading travel and tourism consulting practice in the region, CAPA India tracks and analyses strategic, commercial and operational developments across the sector, including airlines, hotel groups, cruises, tour operators, travel agents, OTAs, corporate travel, tourism boards and destination marketing organisations. We have released two landmark research reports, the CAPA-Expedia India Outbound Travel report and the CAPA India Inbound Tourism report.

Our strong industry engagement and relationships enable us to stay abreast of the latest thinking in travel and tourism in India and globally, and to make a positive, strategic difference for our clients.

Based on our research and analysis, CAPA India will present its outlook and recommendations for the sector, which will be pressure-tested in the second half of the webinar by an expert panel of travel & tourism experts. The conclusions will be shared with the industry and government and will be integrated in the consultative roadmap for a viable and sustainable industry which CAPA is developing.

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