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Positive Behaviours during Pandemic

Positive Behaviours during Pandemic

Conference Dates JULY 29, 2020, 10:00-12:00 NN

This CoVid19 pandemic indeed made unbelievable impacts on our county and people. Businesses suddenly are on PAUSE-MODE, affecting the economy, lives of the people, rippling effects far & wide the globe are seen, felt and experienced. This webinar aims to “Edu-Spire” and give INSPIRATION, INFORMATION and INFLUENCE the listeners and offer them some positive “take away” thoughts in dealing with the hardships brought by this pandemic.

1. To create positive behaviors in this difficult times and be able to face day-to-day challenges
brought about by this CoVid19 pandemic;
2. To develop a sense of responsibility and awareness as to the impact of this CoVid19 pandemic to one’s health, safety and well being, and share this within the family;
3. To discover and apply new skills that can be utilized and have the chance to have a source of income for the family;
4. To prepare oneself and produce healthy mindset as we brace ourselves with this pandemic;
5. To introduce new insights on how to maintain positive attitude toward the uncertainties and negative effects of this pandemic;
6. To identify and recognize possibilities on how to overcome these challenges, and pursue a more hopeful disposition amid this trying times.

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