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Changes in Hospitality Management and Research

Changes in Hospitality Management and Research

Conference Dates August 6,2020 – 10:00 AM

The hotel industry is a key component of the tourism industry and during this period of Covid-19 its resilience is being sorely tested. Research has shown that data and the ability to obtain and apply that data is key to organisational resilience. Researchers are beginning to apply what they term ambidextrous knowledge systems to proactive innovation – put more simply, combining the knowledge gained from systems internal to the hotel organisations at property and group levels with the knowledge obtained about the systems external to the hotel chain within which the individual properties operate. It is envisaged that this webinar will encourage a wide range of questions and musings about the functions of Big Data to strengthen resilience in the hospitality industry.

About the speaker:

As a researcher, Chris has over 220 refereed journal publications, has won various awards for his research. He was editor in chief of Tourism Management for 25 years, is now its Emeritus Editor. He is the current editor of Tourism Critiques: Practice and Theory. He was noted as being in the top 1% of global researchers according to a report published in Plos One.

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