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I Meet Hotel Puts Focus on Italy

I Meet Hotel Puts Focus on Italy - TRAVELINDEXThe free I Meet Hotel online event on 29 October will address operational issues, trends and opportunities facing the Italian hospitality sector, with lessons for hoteliers all over Europe.

New thinking on hotels (clockwise from top left) Maria Elena Rossi, Nicola Accurso, Giancarlo Carniani, Simone Puorto, Silvia Cantarella and Michael Ros.

The international online B2B event for hoteliers, I Meet Hotel, will take place 29 October from 3.30pm to 5.40 pm. In its latest incarnation, the virtual event will put its focus on the hospitality scene in Italy. The emphasis of the event will be on sharing meaningful, practical insights that can help hoteliers.

There will be the latest strategic, practical and operational advice to hoteliers from eminent speakers during the event, which will take place in English.

Giving background context, Maria Elena Rossi, the Marketing and Promotion Director at ENIT, will address “Italian Tourism: Vision and Scenarios for a Valuable and Sustainable Restart.”

Simone Puorto, Founder and CEO at Travel Singularity, will elaborate on “2045: Visions and Previsions on Hotel Marketing.” Puorto, a former GM is now a consultant and author of two best-selling books on hotel marketing. His company specialises in reconciling digital disruption with existing technologies in hotels. Puorto, a self-styled “Renaissance Futurist” is always insightful and provocative.

Silvia Cantarella, Founder of Revenue Acrobats, will engage participants with a money-first presentation entitled, “Evolve to Rebound: How Revenue Must Grow Into a Full Commercial Role to Drive and Thrive.” Cantarella has been an Area Director of Revenue for many international hotel chains. She has also worked extensively with individual hotels. Her presentation will emphasise the value of experience, curiosity, constant learning and self-improvement.

Michael Ros, the CEO and co-founder of Bidroom, which created the I Meet Hotel platform, will also shake things up with “The Way Forward: The Ever Changing Landscape of Hospitality.”

Nicola Accurso, Managing Director of 21 Way of Living, will invite attendees to share his vision of “Hotels Reimagined.” Mr Accurso will explain the benefits of hybridisation, merging hotels, co-living, co-working and other innovative themes that could create new business opportunities.

In “The Hospitality Dilemma” session, Giancarlo Carniani, GM of ToFlorence Hotels Group, will draw on more than 30 years of experience to analyse a contradiction at the heart of hospitality.

“New times call for new thinking and new tools in hospitality,” said Patricia Diana at IDeaS, a revenue management company specialising in the hotel sector. “Evidence shows that hoteliers who can master responsive pricing will do much better than their competitive set. That’s why insights at I Meet Hotel will be so relevant to recovery.”

I Meet Hotel is organised by Bidroom.

** To help hoteliers during the crisis, Bidroom has waived all hotel membership fees for 2020.

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