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travelindex-hotels-travel-directory-285Astana (Kazakhstan) – November 28, 2014 – On 22nd of November, the International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE) voted to select Astana (Kazakhstan) as the venue to host EXPO-2017 focusing on Energy of Future. This theme is devoted to global energy challenges and issues directly impacting on basic aspects of life on the planet including global warming and climate change, development, energy security and scarcity of natural resources, access to water resources, biodiversity preservation and promotion of universal equality.
Choosing Astana as the capital of the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017 has been an important milestone in the history of young Kazakhstan. This exhibition to be conducted in the post-soviet space for the first time is a key national project that has united all Kazakhstan people. EXPO-2017 gives our country a unique opportunity to declare itself worldwide and out guests – to re-open Kazakhstan, a country that has been kind of terra incognita a few decades ago. And, of course, EXPO-2017 will enable a dynamically developing Republic to contribute to finding a solution to one of the most global issues of present day – energy-saving and transition to the Green Economy. We expect that Kazakhstan people will account for as much as 85% of EXPO-2017 visitors and we hope to inspire them to participate in this event proactively.

During 93 days Kazakhstan and Astana will have a unique opportunity to demonstrate the world their rich cultural traditions, manifest a model of responsibility and progress and, in general, show the capability to hold such important large-scale events as the International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017. Pursuant to the Energy of Future theme and its subtitle Solutions to respond to the greatest challenge humanity the EXPO-2017 Exhibition will be continuously change in shape and transform to offer visitors a unique and memorable event. Kazakhstan will play a role of the venue where the East and the West meet and of the epicenter of the world cultural diversity. Exchange of experience and knowledge will ensure the transition to sustainable development. The entertainment program will cover essential values ??presented at previous international exhibitions: universality, unity, cross-cultural interaction, sustainable development and sharing of experience and knowledge.

The exhibition “Astana EXPO-2017” will be represented both by exhibition and outside the exhibition zones.

Exhibition zone includes:
1. Pavilion of Kazakhstan (including exhibition platform)
2. Energy Hall
3. Pavilion of the National day
4. Arts center
5. Covered trade center
6. Commercial and service kiosks inside exhibition zone
7. International pavilions
8. Trade and service buildings
9. Thematic pavilion “Energy for life”
10. Thematic pavilion “Energy for all”
11. Trade zone (commercial pavilion)
12. Corporate pavilion

Outside the exhibition zone:
1. Congress-center with press-center and EXPO office
2. Hotel
3. Organizer’s office (service buildings, police station, fire-fighting service)
4. The building for the preparation of performances and parades
5. Storage facilities
6. Underground parking

In 2014 there will be carried out preparatory works and equipping the zone with engineering networks, also there will be started the construction of the National pavilion, International pavilion, Corporate pavilion, pavilions of “Zones of advanced energy”, international non-governmental organizations, companies and organizations (NGO), thematic pavilions.

In addition, there will be started construction works of residential estates, comprehensive school, kindergarten, hotel, Congress-center and press-center, EXPO office, organizer’s office.

Construction of Exhibition complex and completion of all works is scheduled for December 2016.
According to the Convention on international exhibitions, the exhibition «EXPO-2017» in Astana will last for 3 months – from June 10 to September 10 2017.

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