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Eurasia & Global Financial Trust Plan Las Vegas Mega Resort

travel_index_463Los Angeles (USA) – May 23, 2013 – Nassau, Bahamas – Eurasia Resorts International, Ltd. – Global Financial Trust, Ltd. (GFT) — Nassau, Bahamas — announces a new project for Las Vegas. The Eurasia project intends to focus on providing spectacular, world-class entertainment concepts at a mega resort that complements and extends Las Vegas’ various market offerings.

The project is currently contemplated to include numerous boutique hotels and international sports facilities and events. Many entertainment activities will take place under elaborate and eco-friendly pavilions. As part of the current concept, the charm and character of many countries around the world would be reflected in the architectural character of many of the structures.

Plans include 15 million square-feet of retail space throughout the resort, with plans to unveil a final project concept in Q1 2014, and make leased space available to potential retail tenants in the Las Vegas market. It is the intention of Eurasia to offer the world’s largest shopping center.

The Eurasia project also contemplates building the world’s largest convention center, catering to local, national, and international markets with a global commercial services component to be unveiled in Q1.

Les Sherman , VP-Leasing, brings 35 years experience in finance, management, and operations, and as Vice President, recently lead acquisitions and property development for Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio.

Frank Fireston Ake is an entrepreneur and architect with an international background that includes work on Silver Tech Tower in Beijing, and helped design the headquarters for China’s largest internet stockbroker, the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Other projects include the Ajman Resort in UAE, and was part of the original core design team for the largest architecture project in history (5 airport complex, Saudi Arabia).

The experience of local professionals includes the leasing of 7 million square feet in the Las Vegas market, as well as other leaders in the real estate sector.

Global Financial Trust, Ltd. – Eurasia Resorts International, Ltd. is an exhibitor at ICSC REcon convention being held from May 19 to May 22, 2013 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Private presentation will be held on Monday May 20, 2013 at Las Vegas Hotel – LVH, Pavilion Ballroom starting 5:30 PM and with food, drinks and Cirque Style Production.

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