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WHY NOT WORK IN BERMUDA: Safe, friendly, close, beautiful.

There may few better places to hunker down during the pandemic than Bermuda, which is inviting Canadians to relocate there for a year to “work from home” in a “virtually COVID-free” environment.

“Bermuda is safe, Bermuda is friendly, Bermuda is close, and Bermuda is beautiful,” says Premier David Burt. “If you are working remotely from home, please take the opportunity to explore the option of working remotely from Bermuda… No need to be trapped in your apartment in a densely populated city with the accompanying restrictions and high risk of infection; come spend the year with us working or coding on the water.”

With only 157 cases of the virus and eight deaths reported as of Aug. 8, Burt says, “To date Bermuda has successfully managed the coronavirus pandemic and our COVID-19 testing regime is the most stringent in the world. This has kept transmission of the virus to a minimum which allows our residents and visitors flexibility not seen in other jurisdictions.”

Bermuda re-opened its international borders on July 1 with a rigourous suite of COVID protocols for visitors that include:

• Complete the Bermuda Travel Authorization Process Online
• Show a negative Covid test within 72 hours of travel
• Wear a face mask and maintain social distancing

Upon Arrival:
• Present Covid negative test
• Undergo PCR Covid-19 testing at L.F. Wade International Airport and isolate in their room at their accommodation until results are ready (turnaround time 6-8 hours in most cases, when arrival happens during the day)

• Practise physical distancing and wear a mask in all public spaces
• Take your own temperature daily
• Take a COVID-19 test, administered on Day 3, Day 7 and Day 14 at easily accessible pop-up testing centres around the island. Appointments accepted; no wait for results, and visitor is notified of results
• Comply with restrictions on gatherings to a maximum of 50 people
• Comply with nightly curfew from midnight to 5 a.m.

As for the Work from Bermuda program, visitors 18 will receive a special certificate that conveys long-term visitor status that affords the flexibility to travel back and forth to the country seamlessly. Families are also welcome. The application cost is US$263 p.p.

The program, which can be accessed at, is recommended for remote executives, self-employed entrepreneurs and university students engaged in remote learning.

Bermuda is perfectly situated along the migration routes of whales as they travel to their northern feeding grounds each spring, making for popular whale-watching trips.

Beyond offering physical and social security—and a “virtually COVID-19-free environment,” Bermuda also boasts beautiful surroundings (including its famous pink sand beaches), secluded nature reserves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Historic Fort George), multiple activities (such as bird and whale watching), and the vibrant cultural hub of Hamilton, which, according to Burt, are “sure to cure the coronavirus blues.”

Located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the US, the 54 sq.-km. self-governing British Overseas Territory also boasts one of the highest standards of living in the world.

Accommodation on the island ranges from beachside resorts and luxury hotels to private home rentals.

Flight time is less than three hours from Toronto with direct service currently offered by Air Canada (WestJet has not yet resumed post-COVID flights).

Bermuda want Canadians to take the plunge and work on the island for a year to avoid the pandemic.

First published at Travel Industry Today

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