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TRAVEL ABCs:My mysterious X files

Truthfully, I’d just be making up something here when it comes to naming a favourite X destination in my ABC series. There are said to be 25 cities in China starting with X, two in Mexico and a couple more in Mozambique (Xai-Xai!) and Uzbekistan respectively, and I’ve been to none of them.

On to the bucket list then, which – letter constraint or not – is clearly Xi’an. The central Chinese city is one of China’s four ancient capitals, but more notably known as the home of the famed terra cotta warriors.

Regarded by many as the most significant archaeological find of the 20th century, this army of more than 7,000 (and growing) individually moulded soldiers stands in rows as if poised to march to battle. The eerie army was crafted around 210 BC to watch over the emperors of China in their afterlife. Today, the warriors attract armies of visitors to see them and some day I hope to be one of them.

Honourable mention: None
Bucket list: Xi’an and Xai-Xai (just cuz!)

Unlike the song, I have not been everywhere, so please don’t wonder why one of your favourites wasn’t one of mine. Instead, tell me at I’m already thinking about my next list.

Stay tuned to future issues for the rest of the list. And for previous entries, click HERE.


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