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VIRTUALLY THERE: Volcano voyeurs get front row seat

Volcano voyeurs are guaranteed an extended front row seat at the eruption of Iceland’s Geldingadalur volcano today (April 27) courtesy of a first-ever 14-hour live continuous aerial broadcast on YouTube using drones. The event will start at 2 p.m. EST, creating an “exhilarating opportunity to bear witness to earth’s literal creation, as new lava flows through the landscape.”

The volcano most recently came to life on March 19 in one crater, with several new craters having opened since then.

The YouTube event is intended to give a bird’s eye view of the area and the active eruption via unique slow TV event, involving as many as six DJI FPV drones to capture the scenic spectacle for 14 straight hours, as the area transforms from daylight into the twilight and beyond.

Accomplished drone pilot extraordinaire Björn Steinbekk will be the lead pilot and narrate the proceedings. His previous footage from the eruption became a viral hit in the early days of the eruption, as he piloted a drone through the lava-spewing crater.

“It is difficult to put the experience of watching a volcanic eruption into words,” says Steinbekk. “I am hoping to be able to replicate that feeling partially for people at home around the world, through this experimental broadcast. This is a spectacular natural phenomenon and a view not available to most people.”

The broadcast will include interviews with local scientists and people who have interesting stories and knowledge to share related to the eruption.

Geldingadalur is a small valley within the Reykjanes Geopark in Iceland, a historically active volcanic system. Volcanic activity beneath the service has created uniuqe opportunities for practical applications of geothermal, such as the famouse Blue Lagoon, and the Svarsgengi geothermal power plant that supplies the area with green geothermal energy.

Watch the livestream HERE.

Gos Geldingsdalur

First published at Travel Industry Today

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