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International travel association SKAL in Toronto hosted its first ever virtual reality event at which members were “flown” to a secret location hosting a virtual trade show that featured booths representing each of the Skal Toronto Club members’ companies as well as a Skal Canada booth.

SKAL Toronto members experienced the Engage VIRTUAL REALITY platform first hand by designing their own avatar prior to the event which was hosted by Skal member, Ed Limon of Winged Whale Media.

Skal members walked through a “virtual” airport before boarding their airplane. In the airport videos promoting the World Congress in Quebec City played. When everyone was seated, the inflight movie began which featured President Bill Rheaume welcoming everyone to the historic event.

Skal members were then “flown” to the virtual trade show where they could network before being seated in the auditorium.

Skal Toronto President Sue Webb showed a PowerPoint presentation which included the launch of the new Skal Toronto website hosted on the Skal platform, a special memorial to Skal member Paul Leon who recently died and a message from Skal Canada President Jean Pelletier. Everyone was then “whisked” away to a 3D video theatre experience which was truly immersive. To end off the event, members gathered on the “virtual” beach for some more networking, a swim in the ocean with whales and joined in the Skal Toast led by Skal Canada VP Mark Schaay.

It was an excellent event, historic and showcased the future of promoting tourism on a Virtual Reality platform.

The success of this first endeavour has prompted SKAL Toronto to plan hosting another virtual reality event at which they can invite members from other Clubs to participate.


First published at Travel Industry Today

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