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PUBS, PATIOS & BARS: A secret gem for Canadians in Paris

Sometimes one just needs a portion or two of poutine, no matter where one is the world – even the gastronomic mecca of Paris. Fortunately, the Quebecois mainstay (though countlessly culturally appropriated across the globe) can be found in the French capital at an establishment dedicated to providing a petite taste of North America (and specifically Canada) to its patrons.

In business since 1999, The Moose Canadian Bar & Grill isn’t the only Canadian pub in the City of Lights, but it consistently scores high marks from visitors for its food and friendly service – not least the French tourism board in Canada, which has hosted FAM groups there over the years.

Bites consist of a typical range of North American-style sports bar staples, from burgers to Buffalo wings, along with salads, bagels, and wraps, and quite a bit more. And, of course, the poutine – in classic and “garden” styles. For dessert, order up some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Beverage-wise, Canadians will be amazed to find that a Bloody Caesar can be concocted to go along with the heaping helping of fries/gravy/cheese curds, but also local craft beers plus other international varieties, including, naturally, Moosehead. (There are also wines and an extensive cocktail list).

Another calling card for the establishment is its devotion to showing “all the important” games, including hockey, basketball, football, and baseball, plus a requisite sampling of European soccer and rubgy matches, all played out across 14 screens.

Located in the historic part of city, not far from Luxembourg Gardens towards the river and Ile de la Cité, The Moose – dubbed a “secret gem for Canadians in Paris” – is situated at 16 rue des 4 Vents. Opening hours may vary according to local health restrictions.

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