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HOW TO MOVE TO CANADA: Google search spikes during debate

Just one hour into what had been billed as a presidential debate, but has since been described as ‘embarrassing’, ‘alarming’, ‘a train wreck’, ‘a dumpster fire’ and a ‘shit show’ (I’m sorry if you’re offended, but that’s a quote). Google searches for ‘How to move to Canada’ spiked. Americans were checking us out – primarily from Massachusetts, followed by Michigan, New York, Illinois and Pennsylvania. And as things progressed other states piled on. The same question was being Googled in Wyoming, Oregon, Nebraska, New Hampshire and Washington state.

‘How to move to Canada’ and ‘move to Canada’ peaked around 10.30pm

Queries spiked again at 3.44am Wednesday and again around 7.30am.

The 2016 election inspired many such searches, as Americans threatened to flee north if Donald Trump won the presidency. Once again Twitter users are sharing memes and (we think) joking that they will pack their bags and move north.

The so-called debate saw Trump attempt to constantly talk over, insult and interrupt Joe Biden, who for his part called his opponent ‘a clown’, ‘the worst president America has ever had’, and eventually pleaded, ‘Will you shut up, man.’

Moderator Chris Wallace was unable to control the situation.

Wallace asked Trump to condemn white supremacists and militias. Trump refused to do so, instead stunningly addressing such a group by saying, “Proud boys – stand back and stand by!”

That slogan was on the groups’ Proud Boy t-shirts being sold this morning.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said that, “this sort of debate shouldn’t happen in a democracy”.

But back to the potential Northern migration. This is not the first time Americans have checked us out. According to Google, the biggest “Let’s all move to Canada” election-induced moment seems to have come after the November 2004 election of George W Bush, the second bout of Googling on how to move to Canada was after the November 2016 election.

However, right now there is unfortunately that little thing about the border being closed (since March due to the coronavirus pandemic), so there’s lots of time to rethink.

But, of course, my American friends if you decide to come, you are welcome. You’ll like it here. We’re pleasant, polite people – for the most part – we’ve even been known to thank cash machines and vending machines. And, just think how much you can buy with those American dollars. You’ll love it. It will be great. It will also be cold soon, but you can wrap up.

And one last thing, Canadians are not really boastful, but like him or not, our Prime Minister is definitely the best looking head of state anywhere!


First published at Travel Industry Today

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