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ARMCHAIR TRAVELLER:Celebrating Beethoven, Germany at home

Call it an ode to sadness: celebrations of Ludwig von Beethoven’s 250th birthday in Germany – rendered out of tune thanks to the coronavirus crisis – have moved online, at least until a host of postponed events can resume later this year and in 2021.

Organizers of the event feting arguably the world’s greatest composer have extended this year’s intended program until September of next year due to safety and COVID restrictions and protocols, and to give international visitors an opportunity to get to Germany to take part in the extensive series of concerts, exhibitions and events, which will be centred largely in Bonn, where Beethoven was born in 1770.

Originally, the jubilee’s finale was intended to Dec. 17 this year, Beethoven’s baptismal day.

“It is of great interest to us that as many of the projects planned can be realized. Above all, we would like to offer all those involved in the anniversary program the opportunity to present their program, which has required a great deal of creativity, time and effort,” said Jubilee chariman Dr. Günter Winands.

The multifaceted BTHVN2020 program has been dubbed “Rediscover Beethoven” and includes over 300 projects, whose planning status is updated on an event calendar at

Until the full program resumes and visitors can travel to Germany to take part, classical music fans take advantage of digital offerings, which seem no less extensive than the original programs. Online viewers (go to the dropdown digital tab under “Program”) will find videos, concerts/performances, podcasts, lectures, tutorials, tours, a virtual festival and much more.


Bode Museum

Galleries and museums in Germany, like the Bode Museum in Berlin (above) can be toured at home.

Meanwhile, with a goal of creating “inspiring, empathic and informative content” for consumers and agents, the German National Tourist Board’s DiscoverGermanyFromHome campaign invites virtual travellers to discover a host of experiences in the country from home.

The program includes virtual experiences in all of the 16 federal states, ranging from arts and culture to architecture, nature and views.

“You can have an opera night at home,” offers a GNTO exec of one of the options, adding that many of Germany’s 6,250 museums also offer virtual programs, such as the ability to “stroll” through the 35 of the UNESCO-rated Bode Museum in Berlin. Similarly, many of the country’s 20,000-plus castles and palaces can be visited online.

Besides #DiscoverGermanyFromHome, the campaign also uses the hashtags that are currently circulating such as #staysafe, #stayathome and #traveltomorrow.

All the virtual experiences can be found on the Discover Germany From Home microsite within .

First published at Travel Industry Today

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