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ARMCHAIR TRAVELLER: Cheers to these drink initiatives

Lord knows, we could all use a drink. Fortunately, virtual pioneers from around the globe are offering up recipes for great travel drink specialties and other favourites to help get folks in the mood for when travel fully resumes in the wake of the pandemic (and, perhaps, to dull the pain a little until then).

Here then are a few ideas, tutorials, and recipes we’ve collected to literally help get the juices flowing:


Pina Colada (Puerto Rico)

Friday is Pina Colado Day. The drink originated in Puerto Rico and the island’s tourist board is eager to share a recipe for the country’s national drink, as well as several “out of the box” variations and even some tasty desserts based on the famous pineapple-coconut rum concoction. Here is a recipe for the traditional version:

• 60ml of coconut cream
• 120ml pineapple juice
• 4 cubes of ice
• 60ml white rum
• Cherries, pineapple wedges and whipped cream for toppings

In a blender, mix the coconut cream, pineapple juice, ice and rum until all the ingredients are blended smoothly. Pour the drink into a glass and top with whipped cream before garnishing with the cherries and pineapple wedges.

Click HERE for seven alternative recipes to try at home.

Dark n’ Stormy (Bermuda)

Bermuda’s classic Dark and Stormy

Bermuda is known for cocktails that combine local rum (which tends to be darker and sweeter than rums from the nearby Caribbean islands) with bitters, fruit juices, ginger beer and sweeteners.

The most famous original cocktail is a Dark ‘n Stormy and the Rum Swizzle, which, purists will tell you, requires darky, syrupy Gosling’s Black Seal Rum.

To prepare one, follow this classic recipe:

• Ice
• 4-5 oz. Gosling’s Stormy Ginger Beer
• 1.5 oz. Gosling’s Black Seal Rum

In a tall glass filled with ice, add the Gosling’s Stormy Ginger Beer and top with the Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. Garnish with a lime wedge (optional). Don’t forget to stir this cocktail – otherwise, you’ll gulp down the ginger beer only to be walloped with a shot of 80-proof liquor at the end.

Dirty Banana (AMResorts)

One of the most requested beach beverages at AMResorts properties chainwide is the Dirty Banana:

Ingredients (per glass)
• Ice
• 1 banana (ripe)
• 2 oz pineapple juice
• 2 oz milk or milk alternative
• 1-½ oz dark rum
• ½ oz Kahlua
• Splash of banana liqueur
• Splash of cream de cacao
• Chocolate syrup
• Make it a mocktail by skipping the alcohol and adding 4 oz of milk instead.

• Add ice to a blender
• Break banana in half and add to blender
• Add pineapple juice, milk, rum, Kahlua, banana, liqueur, cream de cacao
• Blend on high
• Drizzle chocolate syrup around a tall glass
• Add frozen drink to the glass
• Garnish with a tropical umbrella and enjoy with a sustainable straw!

1944 Trader Vic Mai Tai (Chicago)

Making a Mai Tai: Three Dots and a Dash beverage director Kevin Beary; photo/ Angali Pinto>

• 1 oz aged Jamaican rum
• 1 oz 100-proof blanc rhum agricole
• ½ oz dry curaçao
• 1 oz fresh lime juice
• 1 oz orgeat Jamaican over-proof float (optional)
• Bouquet of mint, for garnish

• Build the cocktail in a double rocks glass; add crushed ice until the drink fills the glass. Swizzle the cocktail until it’s homogeneous (becomes opaque)
• Garnish with a bouquet of mint
Optional: Add a float of funky Jamaican overproof (it’s not considered traditional, but adds an extra flare)

Cir Cymru Cocktail (Wales)

Although best made with Welsh ingredients, this cocktail will still taste great with whatever you have in supply: use 1 measure Dà Mihle Sloe gin topped with Ancre Hills sparkling wine. Iechyd da! Cheers.


Wine on board (Emirates)

Emirates’ wine cellar, located in France, is the largest of any airline, boasting a storage capacity of 7.4 million bottles of wine, some of which won’t be ready for serving until 2037! Now, Canadians have the opportunity to learn from Emirates’ global team of sommeliers and chefs. Through guided tutorials, wine lovers can discover some of the world’s most exquisite wines, wine-producing regions and master the art of food pairings. Check it out the Emirates Wine Channel on YouTube.

Whisky and cheese (Ireland)

Are you flummoxed (as we all are) by what cheese is best suited to nibble with your Irish whiskey? Fortunately, James from the Teeling Distillery in the heart of Dublin is at your virtual beck and all to help. Check out this VIDEO on how to find the perfect pairing.

Beer cocktails (Oregon)

Oregon has more breweries per capita than any other state, so it stands to reason that someone out there has figured out to how to make classic brew-based Friday cocktails. For a host of beer cocktails and beer recipes, check out Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon HERE.

Margaritas (Texas)

San Antonians love their margaritas – it’s a thing there – so Visit San Antonio offers up not one but two recipes on its web site, complete with recipes, but also a lively “duelling margarita” video. Check it OUT.


First published at Travel Industry Today

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