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A Lost Cruise Year is Taking Huge Tolls on Land as Well

Every day that cruise ships around the world sit empty costs cruise lines millions, but that’s only part of the devastation in this year of pandemic lockdowns. Jobs and businesses are vanishing in ports that depend on cruise passenger spending.

The Cruise Lines International Association has come up with an accounting that estimates that the unprecedented worldwide pause in cruising has resulted in 334,000 lost jobs so far and a reduction of $50-billion in economic activity globally.

But it gets worse. CLIA has now extended the voluntary pause on sailing from U.S. ports for all ships in its member fleets through Sept. 15. And most large cruise ships worldwide will be anchored until at least October. CLIA says by that point, the loss will add up to $77-billion, more than half of the cruise industry’s estimated $150-billion contribution to annual global economic activity.

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First published at Travel Industry Today

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