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RIU has just opened the luxury hotel Riu Palace Maldivas, on 17 August, and with that it has restarted operations in the exotic destination. Bu that is not the only hotel that the chain has reopened in the Indian Ocean region – it joins the hotel Riu Sri Lanka, which was the first to open in July, and Riu Creole in Mauritius, which reopened on 12 August.

The hotel Riu Palace Maldivas first opened in May 2019 and, together with Riu Atoll, they were the first RIU hotels in the country. Its exclusive facilities include luxurious over the water villas and a variety of dining options. The hotel Riu Sri Lanka is located at the foot of magnificent Ahungalla beach. The hotel Riu Creole is located on the island of Mauritius where it too sits on the beachfront. All the hotels offer RIU’s exclusive 24-hour all-inclusive service for our customers.

Riu Sri Lanka

From the moment they opened, the hotels applied the safety protocols developed by RIU in partnership with the consultancy Preverisk. All RIU workers in the Indian Ocean region have been trained on the proper application of these measures to ensure both their own safety and that of the customers who visit the three destinations. The measures cover all the hotel spaces and services, including reception, shared areas (pools, dining rooms etc.), entertainment, cleaning and technical services.

Riu Creole

The protocols have been in action for almost three months, since the first reopening on 25 May after all the hotels closed in March due to the pandemic. They offer the highest possible guarantees of safety for workers and guests alike, without forgetting enjoyment and relaxation.

In addition, RIU offers RIU Protect, a new service for its guests which provides services including healthcare to its guests, including any who contract Covid19 during their holidays. It is a unique product, designed with the backup of insurer AXA XL and the advice of Mercer Marsh Benefits. It allows the hotel chain to offer an extra level of security to its customers when they set off on their holidays during this crisis caused by the Covid19 pandemic.

When the crisis caused by the Covid19 pandemic started, RIU had to close its 99 hotels located in 19 countries. Now, with the reopening of the hotel Riu Palace Maldivas, the chain has 61 hotels open which are welcoming guests and applying the hygiene and safety protocols set out in the RIU Post-Covid19 Manual at


First published at Travel Industry Today

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