Why Travel News Hub

Why Travel News Hub Online Press Release Distribution

Focused and Targeted

Press Release Service for the travel and tourism sector. We cover all activity sectors related to the world’s largest service industry.

Trust and Guarantee

We deliver what we claim! We guarantee online placement of your news and press releases on a minimum of 71 travel websites in 24 hours; we own them!

Global Outreach

We have a list of more than 15,000 Editors/Contributors/Bloggers/Influencers in our database who are in direct contact with us, and cover hospitality, business events and travel events in general on regular basis. Moreover, we frequently update our database and add more people in our network. On a case-by-case basis, we personally pitch your story to them.

Simple and Affordable Pricing

We are offering you a visibility for a fraction of the cost of advertising and a level of coverage other press release distribution services can’t offer.