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EAT. LOVE. PAY.: Canada is the most expensive country for Michelin-star dining.

Well Canadian foodies, if you want a Michelin star dining experience, get your wallet out – Canada is at the top of the list when it comes to the most expensive country for Michelin Star dining. The study conducted by Spin Genie, analyzed the average price value of Michelin-starred restaurants in each country to reveal the cheapest, and most expensive, countries for a Michelin-star meal.

Hong Kong has the lowest Michelin dining cost score in the study. The food most common in this region of China is Cantonese, a variant of Chinese cuisine found in the southeast of the country.

Japan comes second on the list. There are 344 Michelin-starred restaurants in Japan, with virtually all of them located in three of the cities, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. While the vast majority of these restaurants serve Japanese favourites such as sushi, soba ramen and teppanyaki, foreign influences are still present. This is especially evident in the high number serving French-style cuisine.

China is the country with the third lowest Michelin dining cost score. Shanghai has the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the country, followed by the capital, Beijing.

The infographics are interesting – check them out:

Check the entire survey HERE

First published at Travel Industry Today

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