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Contributor Guidelines

We pride ourselves on providing our community with timely, high quality and valuable content. To maintain these standards we ask our contributors to adhere to the following guidelines:

Content Guidelines – Free Submissions:

1. All posts must be at least 300 words and must contain one (1) relevant photo (logos or infographics are not accepted). Hyperlinks are not allowed in free submissions and will be removed. Submissions containing keyword stuffing will be deleted as well without notice. Note: We may allow hyperlinks for non-profit or international organizations. All links must naturally fit into the sentence/article and provide value to the reader. Posts may not contain affiliate links.

2. We accept publish company-specific news, press releases and content reading similarly to a press release. Posts can be defined herein as news, press releases, stories, articles or content. Contributors are welcome to include a relevant, short text-based company profile at the end of their posts.

Acceptable links include:
A download for some sort of content resource (guide, report, white paper, eBook, etc.)
Registration for an event (webinar or live event)

What does not count as an acceptable link in free submissions:
– A call to visit a company website
– A call to follow the company on social media, including social profile links
– A call to subscribe to email newsletters and other related subscriptions
– A call to contact a company, including all forms of contact information

3. Published news – For news we choose to publish:
– The content is subject to editing at the discretion of the team.
– Headlines and subheads are subject to change.
– Content may be edited for style, tone, or substance.
– Links may be added to content.
– Art (photos, graphics, infographics, online charts, data visualizations, etc) will be added at the discretion of the TravelNewsHub team.
– News may or may not be promoted across the Travelindex ecosystem of sites.

4. Given the large volume of posts that we receive daily, we ask that your posts please be in a ready-to-publish state consistent with our existing content when you submit them for final review. While we review each post and may adjust formatting as needed, posts requiring heavy editing may be rejected.

5. Authors submitting posts manually are responsible for checking the status of their posts to see if there are any edits required, as well as for making those edits and resubmitting the posts. Please note that when edits are needed on any submission to make them meet our guidelines, it will take longer for those posts to publish.

6. All contributors are responsible for the originality and accuracy of their submissions. Any contributor found to be plagiarizing any percentage of his or her content will be banned from the community with all content removed.

7. Quotes should serve a purpose within the post and not be used simply to get a link back to a company page. We will ask for thin quotes and their accompanying links to be removed.

8. Content Rules & Community Standards
Travel News Hub’s purpose is to serve the public conversation by publishing and disseminating content about travel, tourism, hospitality, lifestyle and all tourism related sectors. We want to ensure all participants in the visitors economy can contribute in the public conversation freely and safely.

Content has to be relevant to our site and audience of business professionals. Our Community Standards strictly prohibits any post containing, promoting, inciting, threatening, violating, including or manipulating any of the follow:
– Violence and Criminal Behavior
– Graphic violence
– Terrorism
– Child sexual exploitation
– Abuse/harassment
– Hateful conduct
– Adult content
– Illegal or certain regulated goods or services
– Private information
– Nudity
– Platform manipulation and spam
– Civic Integrity
– Impersonation
– Synthetic and manipulated media
– Copyright and trademark

Travel News Hub enforces its content and community standards with automated software and moderators.

9. We syndicate content published on to third parties such as Travelindex News Network, Yahoo! News, Bing News, and Google News. Please proofread and edit your posts carefully before submitting, as they syndicate the version originally published on our site. We cannot edit or remove posts once they are live, and we do not have the ability to edit or remove posts syndicated to external sites. If repeated requests are made, your contributor status may be reviewed.

10. Please allow 48 to 72 hours for posts to go live. All post publication and editing is done at the sole discretion of No correspondence will be entertained and we are unable to give feedback about why a submission may not have been selected for publication.

11. If the post was originally published elsewhere, please include a line at the very end that links back to the original. Please note: If you are planning on contributing a decent amount of content that was originally published on your blog, we may ask you to set up syndication in order to streamline the submission process.

12. Author bios may be included within the text of the post itself or may be included in a by-line at the bottom (no bio information or links may be included).

13. Please carefully double-check everything prior to submitting the post. Posts cannot be taken down or edited once they are live!

Please note: Submitting a post does not guarantee that the post will be published. Should your post was not be published in the stated time-frame, probably it does not follow these contributor guidelines or contravenes our content rules above. Read them again carefully and you can resubmit your post after having made the necessary amendments.

These guidelines are subject to change at any time. Contributors are responsible for making themselves aware of changes and adhering to them.

Disclaimer: Your request to create a contributor account constitutes an agreement to these posting guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your contributor access being revoked.

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